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future economy

the future economy

Trusted partner for investments in crypto economies

We help founders build startups globally at the earliest possible stage in the blockchain space. We support them in developing applications from start to finish, and that means we help newly created teams overcome massive beginner challenges.

We provide exposure to the game-changing protocols of the future. Besides backing high-performing teams, we take advantage of market inefficiencies inherent in the crypto space. With our in-house trading tools, we take our trade execution to another level.

We're all in for the long-run

We back forward-looking teams building apps in Web3:
& Other emerging categories

Our investment focus

Early-stage tokens

Access to the newest and most scalable blockchain protocols. Similar to traditional VC investing, we acquire early-stage tokens through private deals at a discounted valuation of the issuance price.

Open-market tokens

Access to the top digital assets. Along with early-stage tokens, we acquire and actively manage highly liquid and widely traded assets on crypto exchanges. And to optimize the returns further, we perform various proprietary trading models and DeFi activities.

Our team

Mehdi Sangtarash

Investor Relations

Ruta Jaskunaite


Alireza Ghods

Tech (Advisor)


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